BOP Barbell and weights room - $25 per week
(paid fortnightly or monthly)

Free Trial
Bay of Plenty Barbell is a New Zealand sanctioned Olympic weightlifting club. With this membership, you receive access to basic lifting programs that will help you increase your technique and strength. The Oly floor is shared with several experienced lifters that provide a supportive atmosphere to help guide you. If you want to get a little more serious about your lifting, come and talk to us about our 'Comp Squad'.

Our open times are at the bottom. We are open during all class times and open gym times.


CrossFit: 3x one hour classes per week $41 per week
(paid weekly,fortnightly,monthly)

Free Trial
We are a very close community and our CrossFit classes have an awesome atmosphere full of motivation and encouragement.  Members are down to earth people that are here to have fun and work hard. The classes run for one hour and cover a warm up, some kind of strength or skill movement and then some conditioning, after that we stretch and cool down. These classes are programmed for you so there is a goal for your progression throughout the year. Our trainers coach and train the class, and all workouts are made for your own personal ability level, so anyone can train in our classes - regardless of their training history. 

Full Access: Unlimited classes per week $51 per week
(paid weekly,fortnightly,monthly)

Free Trial
As an 'Unlimited' member you are part of all three clubs and have access to all their facilities and training programs. During open hours you have unlimited access to train in as many classes as you wish, or to follow the programs set in each club (trainers will guid you on how much to train per week). You also have unlimited access to our workshops which are run once or twice a month, these workshops teach the members skills and techniques so they can exercise or compete safer and more efficiently.

This calendar is not being used for intro or drop in bookings,
please go to our 'contact us' page and send us an email or give us a call.

We would love to talk to you about how to join our awesome community.